Guardian Nation Live

One of the most valuable training benefits of Guardian Nation membership is access to Guardian Nation Live.

Guardian Nation Live is a monthly video broadcast from a top industry professional. In these video broadcasts all members can attend live, asking their own questions and getting the answers straight from the best shooters in the country.

Past participants include:

Mike Hughes: Founder Next Level Training
Alex Ragulsky: Founder Rocky Mountain Tactical
Kyle Lamb: Founder Viking Tactics
Gary Quesenbery: Founder Q-Series
Chris Cheng: Top Shop Season 4 Champion and Pro Shooter
Lauren & Cy Hudson: Creators of the Hudson H9
Rob Pincus: Founder Combat Focused Shooting | I.C.E. Firearm Training
Mike Seeklander: Shooting Performance
Andrew Branca: Law of Self-Defense
James Yeager: Tactical Response
Rob Leatham: 30-Time National Champion Shooter
John Lovell: Warrior Poet Society
Eric Frohardt: NRA Director of Training and Education
Jeff Gonzales: Trident Concepts
John Correia: Active Self-Protection
Beth Alcazar: USCCA
John Wallace & Jason Williams: LASR
Tim Schmidt: USCCA
Klint Macro: Trigger Pressers Union
Tony Lambraia: UTM
Jeff Houston: Tac7 USA
Phil Strader: Sig Sauer
Chris Cerino: Cerino Training Group
Jason Speller: DRAW
David Spaulding: Handgun Combatives
Karl Rehn: KR Training
Mickey Schuch: Carry Trainer
Scott Jedlinski: Modern Samarai Project
Todd Fossey: Integrative Defense Strategies
Gabby Franco: Walther
Spencer Keepers: Keepers Concealment
Bryan Eastridge: EDC Belt CO
Brian McLaughlin: Mountain Man Medical
Stan Campbell: CCW Safe
George Harris: International Firearms Consultants
Chili Palmer: Viking Tactics
Michelle Cerino: Cerino Training Group
Don West: CCW Safe
Neil Weidner: Active Self Protection

Here is what one member had to say about GN Live:

Watched my first Guardian Nation webcast tonight with Kyle Lamb and it was well worth the monthly fee alone! Great interview, advice on gear, and can’t wait to see who the January guest will be! -Rob Beckman Master NRA Training Councilor

In addition to the opportunity to attend live, members also have access to the library of recordings from past GN Live broadcasts. Get signed up today and be sure to watch every recording in the members library!

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