Guardian Shooter Skills Library

One of the most valuable training benefits of Guardian Nation membership is access to Guardian Nation Shooter Skills Video Library.

This library consists of training videos and drills to assist you in building the fundamental shooting skills that every Guardian needs. We add to this library every month with new videos and members have immediate access to the entire library. Browse by skill or by situation. Watch the videos and download the printable drill sheets that you can take to the range with you.

Skill Categories Include:

  • Draw
  • Stance
  • Speed
  • Use of Cover
  • Shooting While Moving
  • Reloading
  • Trigger Manipulation
  • Weapons Transition
  • Shooting From Different Positions
  • Sight Alignment / Sight Picture
  • Low Light Shooting
  • Single Hand Manipulation
  • Support Hand Shooting
  • Follow Through
  • Breathing


EVERY month we add new shooter skill videos to the library in the above categories. Also every video drill has an accompanying drill sheet that you can download and print so you can easily refer to it while at the range or anywhere you may not have internet access or be able to watch the videos!

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